Book Reveiw-Faith and the beloved.

Alice life is totally disturbed when she got to know that her mother is in coma. She has killed her stepfather and burnt her home.
Prem’s elder brother Arun gets killed under mysterious conditions, and he is determined to avenge his brother’s death.
Storyline of this book is running parallel to each other and involves numerous murders, underworld, sexual fantasies, violence, rape, love and deception.

First I would like to tell you how much I adore this cover design. It’s just beautiful. Than hundreds of questions in my mind while reading it – Why? How? Who? And OMG the moments when i got the answers. I mean I was like how come someone can write such an alluring story that you can’t put it down without finishing it. The thrill and suspense was great everywhere.
The more I got into this book, the more exciting it gets with every pages. It’s Language was good and it was fast paced.

HIGHLY recommend to the fans of Suspense, Crime, Thriller genre.

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