Book Reveiw- Sunrise Beyond the Dead End 🌞

Which was the first book that made you cry?Book Name – Sunrise Beyond the Dead End.
Genre -Contemporary Fiction, Self help.
My rating – 4.1⭐/5⭐🌠🌠This was one of the book that really touched my heart.”The wound stays, but if we keep holding it all the time then our hands will never be free to hold the blessings life has to offer!”Nothing was very new in the book but the way it was written and how beautifully the characters and their feelings were portrayed caught my attention.Sharan lost his wife and son due to an accident and when he went to haridwar to to complete the last processions with a wounded heart. he met 5 people there who changed his life. He saw a ray of sunlight and learnt to live once again.
What happened there and what was their story? You’ll have to read the book.The pain of losing someone dearly can be felt by only those who have gone through a similar situation and I can say everyone can connect with the characters and their emotions.Overall, it was a very emotional read which truly shows the struggles of people who have lost someone and grieving their absence.

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