The Lost Love

She entered in Orchid Lane, a famous restaurant of the city.

He was sitting, waiting for his order to come. He smelled a familiar perfume which she used to use when they were together.He looked at direction where smell is coming from.

She was standing there holding a purse, keys and wearing a white plain crop top with long floral print skirt. Her hair was tied in a pony.She was looking just like before, Amazing, Beautiful.

Everything was same. Same restaurant, same time, same boy and same girl but unfortunately with different ways.
Why he lost her?- he thought.

She looked at him. He was wearing black t-shirt and denim joggers. She noticed that he was wearing a watch which she gifted him. Tears came in her eyes, she turned quickly to hide them.

Why she turned? Dont’t she want to look at me? Is she ignoring me? Still? – he thought.

Still she miss him. She want to tell this to him. She want to tell him that she Love him. Still and forever.
Ma’am, you can sit here- restaurant manager interrupted between her thoughts, pointing towards a chair next to him, in the same table!

Don’t you have other sits?- she asked.
Sorry ma’am, actually other sits are registered for an engagement function which is going to start after a few minutes. – manager replies.

She could go to her friends who were calling her from half an hour but instead she chooses to sit with him. Actually her heart chooses.

Sometimes life brings us to such a stage that if someone ask us what’s the best and the worst thing happened to you? You just have one answer – Love….She went towards him and sat in front of him.

He looked at her, their eyes met.He want to touch her curls which are falling on her face, embellishing her face.She sat there, took out her mobile and started scrolling it. She was very nervous.
She just want him back in her life. She miss the moment when he used to take care of her more than anyone.

He lost his abroad promotion only to be with her. He used to hug her and kiss whenever she is having a bad day. He was like a sunshine in her life.

I love you, I really do and will always. I am nothing without you. I missed you every seconds of these 2 years. Please come back.- He was trying to say this words but something was choking.

It was her mistake why should I talk first. I deserve a sorry. She broke my trust. I am just waiting for that word and after that I will never let her go-he thought.

If he is thinking that I will apologize than he is wrong. He should trust me. He should talk first. If he will say sorry I will definitely forgive him. Afterall I do love him.- she thought.
You missed me?- She wanted to ask this but…Why he is not saying anything maybe he is having someone in his life. And I have some self-respect I will not let down myself. I will not apologize.

Both were waiting for each other to talk first,to apologize. Because they had “self-respect”or whatever they call it.

Suddenly his mobile rang. It was his brother who was calling him urgently.

He paid bills and got up to go. He again looked at her but she looked at another side.

He was praying that she should stop him. And she was praying that he should stay.

He went hiding his tears and after few minutes she also went with tears in her eyes.


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